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Rev. W Kildahl

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Rev. William Kildahl  arrived in Sydney on 16 August 1869 and officiated at St Bartholomew’s  before  Rev. Donkin’s left in 1875

On 25 January 1878 he was the Incumbent at St Pauls, West Maitland when the church was consecrated.

Rev. Kildahl married Helen Sophia Louise Thorp at St Mary’s Church of Ireland, Dublin in 1869.

Their children are:

1. William G – born and died 1871, registered at Penrith

2. Lawrence Paul R. – born 1877, registered at Maitland.

The family moved to Victoria in 1903.

Rev. Kildahl died at Ballarat, Victoria in 1907, Helen died at Ballarat in 1919.

Lawrence (born West Maitland) enlisted in the AIF in 1914 and died in Western Australia on 12  August, 1974, aged 96.

There is a possibility that there were two more children:-

Arthur Edmund Mackinnon – born 1875, registered in Queensland

Lawrence Paul Reubens – born 1882, registered in Queensland

More research has to be done to prove this information