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Rev T C Makinson

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Thomas Cooper Makinson (1809-1893) During Rev John Troughton’s incumbency at St Bartholomew’s, Rev Makinson sometimes officiated.

Thomas Makinson was born in Manchester, England and educated at Cambridge University where he graduated with a BA in 1835. He was ordained Deacon on 16 August 1835, and Priested on 17 July 1836. In 1837 he married Sarah Ann Soulby and in the same year they sailed on the Siam, arriving in Sydney in January 1838. He was the first rector at St Thomas’s Anglican Church, Mulgoa, where he also set up a boarding school. After leaving Mulgoa in 1848, he took temporary charge of St Peters, Cooks River.

Makinson resigned his licence as an Anglican Clergyman on 21 February 1848, having converted to Catholicism.

He then taught at the lay school that was attached to St Mary’s seminary and later at St Mary’s College, Lyndhurst.

In 1858 Makinson took his family to Belgium where he supported them by tutoring. In 1856 the family returned to Sydney. At this time he taught at Lyndhurst until about 1860,  

as well as acting as Archbishop Polding’s secretary, a position he held until Polding’s death in 1877.  At this time his eyesight was failing and Archbishop Vaughan gave him a pension.  He completely lost his sight in 1883. He lived at Gladesville from about 1860 until his death on 7 November 1893. He was buried from Villa Maria, in St Charles Cemetery, Ryde. His wife, who had died in 1873, is also buried in St Charles cemetery.

They had 12 children:

Mary E   born 1839    died 1839

Henry Massey  born 1840   died 1913

Mary T   born 1842  died 1897

Edith    born 1843  died 1931

Joseph Frances born 1844  died 1905

William A  born 1845  died 1845

Leonard  born 1846  died 1925

Agnes Jane  born 1848  died 1927

Lucy   born 7/121850  died 1915

Victor   born 18??  died 1857

Miriam Josepha born 1854  died 1896

Phillip J  born 1860  died 1921


Henry Massey taught at Lyndhurst before establishing a law firm in Sydney.