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Rev J Upjohn

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Rev. John William Upjohn, was Rector of St Bartholomew’s from 1905 to 1907.

Bishop Tyrrell’s records for the Anglican Diocese of Newcastle state that he was ordained at St James Church of England, Morpheth on 25 February 1877 and on 19 April 1877 received a licence as Assistant Minister at St James.

On 10 December 1879 he received a Licence for the church at Dungog.

On 7 January 1880 he received both an Oath as Surrogate and a Commission.

In 1885 he commissioned John W. Pender to draw up plans for an Anglican Church at Bendolba, near Dungog.

Prior to coming to St Bartholomew’s, Rev. Upjohn had been working at St Peters, Cooks River from 1903 til 1905, when under the procedures of the Exchange Ordinance he changed places with Rev. George Middleton. Before the Cooks River appointment he had been at Ballina in the Diocese of Grafton and Armidale.

Rev. Upjohn married Lydia Sophia Taylor at Morpheth.

Their children are:

1. Rouse –born 1881 registered at Dungog, died 1949

2. Arthur – born 1882 registered at Dungog, died 1972

3. Muriel – born 1884 registered at Dungog, died 1956

4. Eleanor – born 1886 registered at Dungog, died 1903

5. Gertrude – born 1889 registered at Dungog, died 1953

6. Dorothy – born 1893 registered at Merewether, died 1958

Rev. Upjohn died in 1923, death registered at Manly,

Lydia Upjohn died in 1925, death registered at Manly.

Source: Prospect Heritage Trust records