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Rev G N Woodd B A

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Rev. George Napoleon Woodd came to St Bartholomew’s before 3 February 1849 and served until about January 1855. He lived at the Prospect property “Flushcombe”, established in 1823 by Captain Robert Lethbridge.

He conducted his first baptism at St Bartholomew’ s on 3 February 1850 and his first burial on 9 May 1850.

Rev. Woodd was born in London, son of James Woodd and Ann Woodhill. He married Caroline Rust on 22 June 1837. They arrived in Sydney from England on the Samuel Winter, on 3 November 1837, free as a minister of religion.

They had fifteen children:

Elizabeth Ann  born 1838

Mary Catherine  born 1840

Anna Laura   born 1843

Holyoake   born 1845

William   born 1846, Flushcombe, Prospect

George James  born 1846 died 29/8/1853, buried at St Bartholomew’s on 30/8/1853, there is no existing headstone.

Thomas   born18/4/1850, Flushcombe, Prospect baptised 19/5/1859 at St Bartholomew’s

Walter    born 23/9/1851, Fluchcombe, Prospect, baptised 19/10/1851 at St Bartholomew’s

Frederick Wilkinson  born 2/5/1853, Flushcombe, Prospect

 baptised 29/5/1853 at St Bartholomew’s

Mary Jane   born 1855

George Reginald Francis born 1856

Margaret Caroline  born 1859

Isabel    born 1861

Helen Octavia  born 1863

Henry Alexander  born 1865

Henry Alexander Woodd (1865-1954) was a well respected clergyman in the Hunter region.

The 1863 Australian Almanac, page 117,  lists Rev. Woodd as being at Denham Court and Cabramatta in the Diocese  of Sydney.,M1

8 March 1864 he is listed in the Western Post and Mudgee Newspaper as being in the Diocese of Sydney, and receiving an allowance of 200 pounds per annum.

He was one of the longest serving ministers of the Church of England in Australia, serving 20 years at St Mary the Virgin, Denham Court as well as other posts.

Rev  Woodd died on 7 September 1893, at Halla., Alt St., Ashfield, he was buried at Rookwood.

Mrs Wood died in 1905, her death was registered at Burwood.

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