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Rev C Woodward

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Charles Woodward (1810-1869) officiated at St Bartholomew’s for a short period during Rev. Troughton’s incumbency (1841 – 1847).

Rev. Woodward also assisted Rev. John Cross at St Thomas’s, Port Macquarie between 1844 and 1847

Born at Corsham, Wiltshire, England; died at Ryde, near Sydney, at his parsonage house, through injuries received from a fall from his horse, 10thJanuary,1869.
He was a member of the Committee of the Australian Museum from its inception, and Honorary Secretary of the Sub-Committee which controlled the Botanic Garden for a few years. He took much practical interest in horticulture and also in Botany (he was ardent microscopist), although I cannot trace any botanical publications from his pen. See a notice in Hort. Mag. ( Sydney) vi. 41 (1809).

Source: Maiden, J.H. (1908) Records of Australian botanists- (a)General, (b) New South Wales. Journal and Proceedings of the Royal Society of New South Wales for 1908. 42:60-132)