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Commercial Hotel

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The exact location of this hotel is unknown but it is believed to have been built in close proximity to the Prospect Reservoir, during the years of the dam’s construction.

A newspaper report of heavy rain, dated 1 June, 1889 states:

The hospitality of Mr. Neil Radbourn, of the Commercial Hotel, will not soon be forgotten.  He opened his house, billiard room, and all available space, to those who found it impossible to stay in their own homes.

Parramatta Licensing District report for 1 July 1891 to 30 June 1892 lists Neleus Radbourne as holding the licence for the Commercial.

1st to 31 January 1892 the report lists Patrick Tierney at the Commercial.

The Supplement to the Government Gazette, 18 August 1893 and 14 August 1894, lists Luke Hyland at the Licensee of the Commercial Hotel.