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Prospect Inn / Hotel

The Prospect Inn was built by Lawrence Hyland Snr.

The Sydney Morning Herald, 7 December, 1854 states that the licence was transferred from Lawrence Hyland to William Carman, who held the licence until 1859. William Carman had been a farmer at Prospect.

Newspaper articles dated 3 July 1875 and 17 May 1879 state that Mr. Waiton was the Licensee.

Parramatta Licensing District 1 July 1891 to 30 June 1892 report states Michael Roche was the Licensee.

The Supplement to the Government Gazette, 18 August 1893 and 14 August 1894, lists George A. Smith at the Licensee of the Prospect Inn.

An article in The Cumberland Argus and Fruitgrowers Advocate, 19 July, 1902:

Mr. Smith’s Hotel – Extensive renovations and repairs are in progress at this popular hostelry. The bar is being re-painted and done up and other portions of the building improved and beautified.

When Luke Hyland died in 1905, the Prospect Inn was listed in the valuation of his properties as a 9 roomed stone building, with outbuildings consisting of wooden stables and a brick storeroom. This property stood on forty acres, one rood and thirty seven perches, which was part of John Kennedy’s 160 acre grant.

The property was valued at 800 pounds and was occupied by Mrs Smith.

1915, John Byrne is listed as the Licensee.

The Trustees of the Will of Luke Hyland auctioned the property on 11 April 1922.

It is believed that this Luke Hyland was the nephew of Lawrence Hyland, the builder of the Prospect Inn.

23 June, 1923, Cumberland Argus and Fruitgrowers Advocate reports:

The old Prospect Inn, recently purchased by Mr. Alf. Brown from Mr. J. Hicks, is shortly to be entirely re-modelled. When completed, it is expected to compare favourably with any hotel out-side of the city.

Information gained from an article in The Cumberland Argus and Fruitgrowers Advocate, 9 July 1941 shows that Frank Williams was the Licensee from 1924 to 1931, when his son took over the licence.


This building continued, under different ownerships, to operate as the Prospect Hotel until it was demolished to make way for the road widening necessary for the Great Western Highway deviation that was built in 1968.

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Prospect Inn. Date unknown

Aerial view Prospect Hotel (front of picture)

and CSIRO buildings (rear of picture) c1960  

Photo courtesy Mrs Grebert

1965 Original hotel on Highway Lower road is Browns  Lane.

 Photo courtesy Mrs Grebert