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Church Lane

Originally Church Lane ran north to south, from Blacktown Road to the Great Western Highway.

The northern end is now known as Old Church Lane and the southern end of Church Lane is now Watchhouse Road.

William Steward lived on the eastern side of Church Lane, on the corner of Church Lane and Gt. Western Highway. His family owned the land along Church Lane as far as the boundary with St Bartholomew’s Church and east along the Great Western Highway to opposite the Reservoir Gates. The family operated a market garden. William’s son Donald built a fibro house half way between his father’s house and the Church, it is still standing, with a new owner (2015).  Further north from Donald’s house was the packing shed.

Local knowledge from the 1950s tells us that the land on the western side of Church Lane had  a few small properties, a Russian family lived in a fibro house not far from the corner of the Highway, further north was a poultry farm and market garden operated by a Maltese family.

Nearly opposite Donald lived the Sharpe family, further north the Plummer family, these two properties are now the M4. All the land on the western side of Watchhouse Road is now occupied by Wet’n’Wild. The land opposite St Bartholomew’s Church was a riding school, on land that previously belonged to the Kennedy family. The original line of Church Lane from the Ponds Road intersection runs north to approximately opposite Edgeware Road and Broad Street, but is now known as The Prospect Highway.

The Prospect Highway continues north to meet up with Blacktown Road. This section of road is a completely new road.

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Church Lane prior to being paved

1973 Church Lane going towards St Barts

Viskovich house in background

Photo courtesy: Mr Viskovich