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Great Western Highway (former)

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When the deviation of the Great Western Highway was built through Prospect in 1968, the original section of the road became known to locals as ‘The Old Western Road’ and was mainly used by the people who lived along it and visitors to the Prospect Reservoir and the Drive-in Theatre.

When the M4 Western Motorway was built through Prospect in 1992 it cut the ‘Old Western Road’ into different sections of road.

At Prospect the motorway cuts the Former Great Western Road in two places.  The eastern end of the Former Great Western Road, from the M4 to the Great Western Highway, is called Tarlington Place. The Former Prospect Post Office is located on this section of road.

The original Reservoir Road has been extended south from the Great Western Highway to then veer east and meet up with the Former Great Western Road just west of The Royal Cricketers Arms. The section of Former Great Western Road between this point and the M4 is called Yallock Place.

The western end of the Former Great Western Road back to Reservoir Road is now called Honeman Close.

The section from Reservoir Road to the  M4 is called Boiler Close.

In August 2011,The Prospect Heritage Trust lodged a submission with the Heritage Council of New South Wales for the listing of what is now known as ‘The Former Great Western Road, Prospect’ on the State Heritage Register.  In April 2012 the Heritage Council recommended to the Minister for Heritage that the item was worthy of listing.

On 27 June, 2014 in Government Gazette No. 58, it was announced that

the Former Great Western Road, Prospect which includes the roads now known as Tarlington Place, Reservoir Road, Yallock Place, Boiler Close and Honeman Close, Prospect, were listed on the State Heritage Register, SHR No 1911.

The item was listed due to its heritage significance to the people of the state of New South Wales. The details of the item, including the statement of significance, can be viewed on the State Heritage Register via the Heritage Division website at by selecting Search the State Heritage Register and following the user-friendly instructions.

Honeman Close Boiler Close Yallock Place