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Great Western Highway (mile posts)

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During Governor Macquarie’s term of office milestones were placed one mile apart from Emu Plains to Sydney. In 1846 they were replaced with the present ones, the contractor being Michael McCormack. In 1942, in case the Japanese invaded, the names and distances were chiseled out and then put back in 1945.

Many of the stones have fallen prey to development, vandalism or motor accidents, but Prospect still has 3 stones in a row.

The first when travelling from west from Greystanes Rd is on the left just past the Fox under the Hill Golf Club. The second one, on the corner of Ponds Road and the Highway,  was moved from its original position on the Old Western Highway when the new highway was built in 1968. The third is just before Flushcombe Road. Photos: J. Capdor