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M4 Motorway

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The M4 Western Motorway extends 40km from Concord in Sydney's inner west through to Lapstone at the foot of the Blue Mountains.

The first section of the M4 Motorway was from Prospect to Penrith, completed by the NSW Government during the early 1970's. Several stages of the second section from Concord to Parramatta were completed in the 1980's. There remained a missing link of about 10km between Mays Hill and Prospect, to connect these two sections.

In 1989, Statewide Roads Limited won the right to finance and build, and then operate and maintain the Motorway.

The M4 Western Motorway was opened in May 1992 with the completion of 10km of new dual carriageway expressway, 21 major bridge structures, and the upgrade and widening of 11 kilometres of existing expressway.

The concession for the M4 toll road ended at midnight 15 February 2010 and ownership was returned to the NSW government. The motorway has now been placed under the control of the RMS who now operates the M4 on behalf of the people of NSW.


Aerial photo, taken 1986, courtesy W. Pincott

Showing the area before the M4 went through.

Google Map of area as it is today

1. St Bartholomews Church   2. Greater Union Drive In

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