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Electricity Sub-Station

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This substation played an important part in the development of the local area, as it was from this building that the Blacktown Shire Council first controlled the supply of electricity to its local government area. The fact that it is still a part of the electrical services of the area is also of significance.

In 1923 residents on the eastern boundary of the Blacktown Shire Council area received an electric supply from the Sydney City Council system. In 1925 The Shire Council borrowed 30,000 pounds from the Minister for Local Government to enable them to extend the supply of electricity to a larger area. The Shire Council also investigated the possibility of controlling the power reticulation, which resulted in a substation being built on Blacktown Road at Prospect.  Mrs W. Cable, wife of the Shire President, officially turned on the supply from the new substation on 17 December 1927.  Electricity continued to be supplied by the local authorities until 1957, when the newly proclaimed Prospect County Council took over the supply. In 1995 Integral Energy was formed when Prospect Electricity (the former Prospect County Council) and Illawarra Electricity merged. The original substation is now used as a workshop, library and storage area and is part of a large complex known as the Blacktown Transmission Substation.

Physical Description: This is an Inter-War Free Classical style building made from red brick. The decorative trims on the windows and parapets are made of cement and painted cream. The wording ‘Blacktown Shire Sub Station’ is placed on the side of the building, also done in cream painted cement. The roofing material used is corrugated iron.