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Prospect Public School

In 1845 a Catholic school opened in Prospect with an enrolment of fifty-five children. The number of pupils fluctuated during the ensuring years until the school closed in 1867, when there were nineteen Catholic children and twenty Protestant children enrolled.

In 1867 a public school began with lessons being held in a house owned by Mr Goodin. The first official school building was erected on five acres of land that was bought from the government in 1871. This land is at the corner of the Great Western Highway and Blacktown Road. The original school building on this site was a long room capable of being portioned with a verandah, and was completed in 1871. Mr Joseph Smith of Parramatta had successfully tendered to build ‘The Prospect School and Residence’ for 410 pounds.

In 1933 this building was replaced with the present one, which was built by the Department of Education at a cost of two thousand, two hundred and fifty four pounds.

The new school had three classrooms, each to accommodate forty-eight pupils, and a staff room.  The new school was opened by Mr. G. C. Gollan M.L.A. In December 1988, having only fourteen pupils, the school was closed. The bell was given to the Meadows School, which had opened in 1890, and a plaque has been attached to the bell commemorating the Prospect School.  

The Christian City Church, Prospect, now known as C3 Church, bought the property in 1990 and now uses the building for church services, as well as leasing some of the rooms to Christian Schools. The first school to hold a lease was the Tyndale Christian School. At present the Ebenezer Christian College uses rooms for primary and secondary education.

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Closing ceremony in 1988

Photo courtesy: Mrs Grebert

Closing ceremony in 1988

Photo courtesy: Mrs Grebert

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