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School of Arts

George Watts constructed a dance hall on the southern edge of his property for the use of the local community and later donated a block of land opposite the Post Office to the Council for the erection of a School of Arts Hall.

The Prospect School of Arts was founded in July, 1900, the Rules and By-laws stating ‘The object of the institution shall be the intellectual and social improvement of its members by the cultivation of literature, science, and art.’  This was to be accomplished by ‘the maintenance of a Library and a Reading Room, the delivery of Lectures, the foundation of Classes, the encouragement of Societies for mutual improvement and intellectual recreation, the holding of Industrial and Fine Art Exhibitions, and by such other means as the Committee of Management may from time to time deem advisable provided that no subject of a religious or sectarian character shall be introduced for discussion or debate.’

A small structure was initially built then a larger hall, which officially opened in 1923. The two halls were joined together buy a small walkway.

Until the buildings burnt down in the mid 1900s, the School of Arts was the centre of all Community activities, namely the Younger Set, Dances, Roller Skating and in its later years it was Picture Theatre.

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First Prospect School of Arts

Photo courtesy: Mr Caprari

Second Prospect School of Arts

Photo courtesy: Mr Caprari