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Seventh-day Adventist Church

Written records as early as 1894 state that there was an active Seventh-day Adventist community in the Seven Hills/Prospect area.

Elder A.S. Hickox wrote in the Bible Echo in May 1894 “…there are thirty to thirty-five regular attendants of both adults and children at the Bible study.”

Ellen White reported on June 24, 1894 “that an excellent Company was meeting at Seven Hills, 20 in number”. She also said that they were determined to raise the money to buy land to build a church on. A building committee was formed, S. McCullagh was Chairman, A. Hickox was Secretary, and T. Sherwin was Treasurer.

By September 1894 the Church had been built and was known as the Prospect Church. It was dedicated on Sunday 16th, with Dr. Kellogg preaching in the morning and Mrs White preaching the dedicatory sermon in the afternoon. A map of Adventist Historical Sites in the Parramatta District shows this building as being at 4 Canon St., between Church Lane and Blacktown Road. This street is now called Cannon St., Prospect.

Edgar Sperring, in a letter to the Editor of the Australasian Record, 17 December, 1973 wrote:

The brickwork (of the Prospect Church) was done by a Brother Sherret who became an Adventist in Parramatta in 1892. He got wet working on the Prospect church and died of pneumonia. Brother Roy Thompson’s father and mother became Adventists and helped build the church. He was a carpenter and joiner. The people of Prospect said that they would help build it because this new-fangled idea wouldn’t last long and then they could have it for a dance hall….Among the charter members were my father, my mother and grandmother. …In 1922, the Prospect church was pulled down and moved to Liverpool where it was re-erected by voluntary labour for a church school. About 1936 it was moved toThirroul, and again used as a church (known as the Bulli Church). In 1972, it was moved again to Corrimal, where it is still used as a church.

The land that the Prospect Church had stood upon was eventually given to the Blacktown Church to sell, proceeds to be used by them to build a new church in Swinson Street, Blacktown.

Source: Parramatta Adventist Church: 100 Years of Work and Worship-From the Pioneers to the Present 1892-1992, The City of Parramatta Seventh-day Adventist Church

Prospect 7th Day Adventist Church Sperring, Pond families c1900

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